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Massage Modalities

Swedish Relaxation-Most common type of massge to relax and reenergize you.  Focuses on relaxing and releasing tension of superficial muscles.

Aromatherapy-Use of essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, resin, woods and roots intreatments to improve mood, cognitive function and/or health.

Deep Tissue Massage-Integrated therapeutic massage to help alleviate chronic patterns of tension deep under the skin.

Hot Stone Massage-Warm stones used to transmit heat to soothe and relax muscles using a variety of massage techniques.                                                

Sports Massage-Integrated techniques and stretches to help improve flexibility and speed up recovery.  Usually focuses on a certain area or a group of muscles that is repetitively being used either in sports or a job, to help improve or prevent injuries. 

Pregnancy Massage-Helps reduce stress and tension, swelling and joint pain in areas of the body due to major changes to the body.

Spa Therapy Treatment-A special exfoliation and moisturizing massage treatment for the back and/or feet to boost relaxation.


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